H2O FinTech creates the future of the entertainment industry by monetizing their fan base.


H2O FinTech accompanies the digital transformation of the entertainment industry.

We have developed a truly game changing fan engagement platform that leverages blockchain technology capabilities.

Our Fan Empowerment offer is a Fan Relationship Management (FRM) platform that delivers the personalized experiences your fans expect.

H2O is a data-driven solution for direct-to-fan marketing.

We provide the backbone to operate your next generation of fan loyalty program for capturing, rewarding and monetizing your fan base.



The entertainment industry is at the beginning of its digital transformation.

H2O FinTech believes that the future of the entertainment industry will be pegged to their digital transformation and the monetization of their fans’ data.

The entertainment industry encompasses esport, sport, movie and TV and our focus is global.

Fans are passionate. Fans are committed. Fans are also wooed. We enable teams to develop a direct-to-fan relationship to keep fans’ passion up. A team has no value without fans.


Our Fan Empowerment offer includes the tech platform & the marketing services through our partnership to build & implement a direct-to-fan loyalty program.

Key Products:

We provide a FRM module for teams to run their loyalty program and also a customizable app for your fans. We can also exchange data through API.

Connecting rights holder, sponsors and fans through e-wallets, tokens and smart contracts via a private blockchain. Transactions are validating on a public blockchain.

Key Services:

Digital Activation
Offering the next generation of fan journey & new experiences.

Token Economics
Structuring your program to reward fans for the engagement while ensuring a new monetization model.



Football clubs’ value does not reflect the power of their “fandom”:

  • Fans are the key asset of football clubs.
  • Fans are targeted by digital marketing multi-billion campaigns.
  • BUT fans’ data value is confiscated by GAFA / BATX.


H2O FinTech solution is virtuous for the entertainment industry.


Football clubs

New source of revenues


Engagement & loyalty rewards, exclusive offers

Sponsors & brands

Reduced cost of conversion and increased ARPU


Developing a fan-centric model with H2O:

  • Connect directly their fans within a state-of-the-art engagement program.
  • Power their fan digital activation program with a token.
  • Attract sponsors and other brands in the program.
  • Disrupt the data buying process by selling the fans data.

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