The future of fan relationship programs will be pegged to fan data monetisation


Your fan is unique

The blockchain technology places the fans at the heart of your digital relationship.

Pain Points

Performance: Reconciliation issues with complex conversion tables
Transparency: Number of intermediaries
Brand Safety: Uncertainty of exposure context


Performance: Blockchain digital identity allows 1:1 marketing
Transparency: Transactions are recorded in the blockchain
Brand Safety: Guaranteed by smart contracts

Key Features

  • Fans’ e-wallets are provided in white-label
  • Marketing campaigns & exclusive offers are managed by smart contracts

Your fan is rewarded

The H2O platform offers a new value chain and transfer the value earned to reward your fans.

The combination of new revenue and a new technology expand exponentially the attractiveness of a fan relationship program.

Key Features

  • Engage a fan token program
  • Entertain fans with proven engagement features
  • Reward fans with tokens
  • Offer fans an exclusive products, services and experiences

Your fan is secured

H2O FinTech is built on a core set of principles.

Privacy by design

Fans data are anonymously encrypted


Transactions are recorded in the blockchain


Fans e-wallets are highly secured & protected


Fans are rewarded based on their fan value